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Monday, May 07, 2012

P.O.D. is back!!!

After a much too long hiatus, P.O.D. is back and better than ever! Having broken out with their third album The Fundamental Elements of Southtown,  P.O.D has gone through a steady refinement of their sound over several albums while maintaining their signature of strong guitar hooks, driving beats and rhythm, all tied together with strong and powerful rhymes and lyrics.   I had the personal opportunity to see the band last night during it's national tour with RED, Love And Death (featuring Brian "HEAD" Welch of Korn), and Icon For Hire.  To say this show was great would be an incredible understatement.

P.O.D. came right out of the gate with some of it's greatest hits including "Boom", "Set It Off", and "Without Jah".  The crowd showed it's approval song after song as it became more than evident that no rust had collected on the band's performance.  The band was tight from the word "Go" and singer Sonny Sandoval was all too eager to keep the audience wanting more with his deliveries from the top of the safety barrier.  During the band's performance of "Alive", a gentleman who I could only describe as a cross between Jerry Garcia and Santa Clause was pulled up on stage by Sonny to join in singing the song.   This was followed by what I can only call "The Most Fantastic Stage Dive Ever" when Santa-Garcia leapt from the stage - being sure to clear the barrier - onto the hands of overjoyed fans who roared with admiration for the gentleman's enthusiasm.   The set continued on with other standards such as "Youth of the Nation", "The Messenger", "Southtown", and "Roots In Stereo".  P.O.D. was sure to feature a few new tracks as well, including the radio hit "Lost In Forever" which highlighted the band's return to its sound a la The Fundamental Elements of Southtown and Satellite.  Guitarist Marcos Curiel providing his usual rich sounding riffs while screaming "Forever...". Classic!

The band blazed through its set but was called back for an encore by the enthusiastic crowd.  The band, grateful for the curtain call, obliged with a performance of its ambient jam "Celestial" and then blew the roof off with "Satellite".   The set combined with outstanding performances from Icon For Hire, Love & Death, and RED left the crowd more than satisfied.  It was great to see the band in such good form.  Fans who believe it has been way too long since their last fix of P.O.D. will no doubt get everything they want and more.

The band's new album, Murdered Love, will be released June 19th.